ZCatch/TeeVi is a modification of zCatch by Teetime which is a modification of Teeworlds.

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Download & License

Changes made by me to zCatch/TeeVi are licensed under the MIT license.


Settings & commands

You can use zCatch settings.

The following settings were introduced with zCatch/TeeVi:

Setting Default value Valid values Description
sv_last_standing_players 5 2-16 How many players are needed to have last standing rounds
sv_bot_detection 0 0-3 Bot detection (0=off, 1=fast aim, 2=follow, 3=all)
Warning: This is highly experimental! Don't trust the bot detection!

Info texts

You can define info messages with an interval. The server will display the message approximately in the given interval. If you define more than one message, the server also takes care that those messages don't heap up. If you add or remove messages the system get reinitialized and all interval counters are reset.

add_info <interval> <message>
Adds an info message that will be displayed in the chat approcimately every <interval> minutes.
remove_info <id>
Removes an info message with the given <id>. It will no longer be displayed.
Displays the info messages with id and interval.


Subadmins are admins and have all permissions of a normal admin except managing subadmins and setting sv_rcon_* settings. The Subadmin has a username and password. This allows you to have several subadmins that can be distinguishable. The rcon password of a subadmin has the form <username>:<password> in order to have one string and being compatible with vanilla clients. Subadmins have to type their password at the beginning of each line in the rcon followed by a space. E.g. "mypassword kick 9" instead of "kick 9". This is to prevent IP spoofing.

add_login <username> <password>
Adds a subadmin login. The rcon password will be <username>:<password> with no additional spaces.
remove_login <username>
Removes a subadmin login